My Name is William Gronek, and for the past 15 years i have called Southern California home.  I am married to a great girl and we are expecting our first child in April 2012.  It is because of this I truly am a “new dad in training”.

I am also a runner. for anyone who knows me, I talk A LOT about my running. so you will see posts about my training for whatever event I have on the horizon.

As I think of more to add to this page,  I will.


Well, our son Xavier was born April 12th, 2012. With the first anniversary of this Blog approaching quickly and his first Birthday shortly behind, I find this blog ever changing.


Well, our little guy is approaching seven years old and the adventures continue (for all of us!).  Thankyou for reading, please subscribe/follow and feel free to comment!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Larry Ludwig said:

    Hi Will,
    I have enjoyed reading your postings. I love the pictures of your baby. Conrats.

  2. jodikarren said:

    Hi Will! Thanks for sharing this site with us. Eric and I will look forward to reading about your interesting life adventures! We’ll have to have you over for dinner before your January AZ project is over. This is my site: jodikarren.wordpress.com. Have a good week!

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