Living in Southern California, an Ohio transplant via a short year in England, I am here to record my adventures with my Son and hopefully leave him nuggets of wisdom along the way.

This Blog originally started as a record of his life through my eyes. But like most of us, the person I was when I started this is not the same person sitting here today, typing away. I have called southern California home now for over two decades and find it hard to think of anywhere else as home. Before I know it, I will have lived here longer than anywhere else in my life.

Being a husband and father has changed so many aspects of my life. Reconnecting with my faith a few years ago has also changed so many aspects of my life as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am still the same swearing, fun loving guy but just looking through the world through different eyes that the guy who wrote the italicized text below.

I hope you enjoy our adventures and continue to follow our story. And I swear I will one day become a regular runner again (really, I mean it!).

-November 26th, 2019

My Name is William Gronek, and for the past 15 years i have called Southern California home. I am married to a great girl and we are expecting our first child in April 2012. It is because of this I truly am a “new dad in training”.

I am also a runner. for anyone who knows me, I talk A LOT about my running. so you will see posts about my training for whatever event I have on the horizon.

As I think of more to add to this page, I will.


Well, our son Xavier was born April 12th, 2012. With the first anniversary of this Blog approaching quickly and his first Birthday shortly behind, I find this blog ever changing.


Well, our little guy is approaching seven years old and the adventures continue (for all of us!). Thankyou for reading, please subscribe/follow and feel free to comment!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Larry Ludwig said:

    Hi Will,
    I have enjoyed reading your postings. I love the pictures of your baby. Conrats.

  2. jodikarren said:

    Hi Will! Thanks for sharing this site with us. Eric and I will look forward to reading about your interesting life adventures! We’ll have to have you over for dinner before your January AZ project is over. This is my site: jodikarren.wordpress.com. Have a good week!

  3. Michael Allison said:

    I was watching a show on ESPN last night….McGuire vs Sosa. It brought back so many memories of that fantastic summer. I decided to try and locate you and this blog came up.
    First of all.. what a great, fun summer as you and I were caught up in just about every home run that was hit out of the park. Traveling to see batting practise was one of the things talked about on the show as well as the back and forth excitement between fans/friends.
    Second of all life… life has certainly changed for you. Still in Cali is not a surprise but married with a kid may be a small shock. It seems like you hit the jackpot and are very happy. It’s great to see things worked out so well for you.
    (I’m just glad your son got his looks and hair from his mom)
    Kidding aside i just thought I would give you a shout and if/when I make it back to Cali i will look you up.

    Mike A

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