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Our little man LOVES animals.  I mean just LOVES them.  His favorite animal by far are rabbits.  It makes sense, his favorite holiday is Easter. He loves everything about the holiday and when he was younger we would have egg hunts in our apartment pretty much year round.  We would have to hide the eggs and hope he would get interested in something else.

Well, fast forward a few years, the egg hunts have come to a stop, but his love of rabbits is as strong as ever.  Now that we find ourselves in the age of covid 19 and quarantine, we go for a walk as a family every night.  Anywhere from 1.25-2.4 miles every night.  We live in an area that is full of the furry little critters and he gets excited every time we come across one: “MOM! DAD! There’s a RABBIT up there, give me your phone!”  This request is to take a picture of the white tailed balls of cuteness.

Each of these pictures were on a different walk.

It really does my heart good to see he has a caring heart for all creatures, big and small.  It makes me realize that newmom and I are doing a pretty good job.  I hope that the kindness in his heart stays intact.  I know that he will go through many changes, that he will grow into his own man but I want to hold onto the sweet, animal loving, caring little guy who wants to take a picture of every rabbit he sees as long as we possibly can.

Here are a couple more to close out with.