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First things first, I totally stole this title. From the blog fractured faith (visit it, it’s one of my favorites). I did so because that title spoke to me. It’s not a coincidence that there has been a lack of posts here recently, I have been really struggling. Struggling to keep up at work, struggling to try to be a good dad and husband. Struggling with the daily grind of life. Struggling with depression. Struggling to find the silver linings, but you know what?

‘Sometimes there is nothing’

Nothing to say. Nothing to do. Nothing that sounds good. Nothing but a giant chasm. The abyss.

And something I realized during these struggles…

… that’s ok. It’s ok to have bad patches. It’s ok to feel a little low. It’s ok that every minute of your life is not filled with something. It’s ok to feel like I’m a bad father sometimes because at times I am a bad father.

Because while sometimes there is nothing, other times you have everything.

Thanks Stephen for the inspiration to write something again and hopefully not getting bent by totally stealing your post title.