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Today is September 11th. Until 2001 it was another day like many others during the year.

Then it wasn’t.

The morning of September 11th, 2001 the world changed forever. A small group of men got on multiple cross country flights, hijacked them mid-flight and proceeded to crash them into preselected targets in New York and Washington DC.

Many innocent people died that day. People who were going about their day, not knowing it was going to be their last.

Here we are now, eighteen years later. We stop to remember that morning the entire world came to a halt and watched in terror as the towers fell.

You know those emails or social media posts that say ‘graduating seniors this year have never known (fill in the blank)’? This years graduating class never lived pre-9/11. They never waited at the end of the jetway for a loved one to arrive from their flight (poor reference, sorry), never had to not take their shoes off at security. Never lived in a time where the Patriot act didn’t exist.

I’ll never forget that morning. While leaving for work and getting that phone call telling me to turn on my television. ‘What channel?’ I asked. ‘It doesn’t matter’ was the response. I had only heard that one time before, when I was living in England and Princess Diana had died. I knew it was going to be bad. Never did I think it was what was unfolding in front of my eyes. These moments are generation defining.

I remember my parents telling us where they were when they heard Kennedy had been assassinated. This was our moment where we say ‘I was… when I found out.’ I find myself wondering what our little guys moment will be. I only pray that it is not so bad that he and others won’t be around to discuss it

I encourage you all stop for just a minute to remember. To think of the people who were lost and for their families. And the loss of that era, and the birth of this new age we find ourselves living in.