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OK, so 30 days ago this happened and it ended up being a blessing.  I say that because it was the spark I had been so desperately needing as I sat and watched my physical and mental health spiral downward, heading towards a place I know I shouldn’t go.

I wrote somewhere else that I would provide a 30 day update on how I am doing after getting on the bike and started to actually give a damn again.  So here goes:


Like really good.

So in the past month I have ridden a total of 17 times and traveled 138.6 miles (8.15 average).  Now I am a creature of habit so I have ridden the same routes over and over again.  I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has numerous bike paths so one of the reasons I keep to the same routes is they have minimal time on roads with auto traffic, just an occasional pass of a runner or walker.   I probably would have gone out a couple more times but it has been oppressively hot in the past couple weeks so I have missed a couple of opportunities.  I did go out one day and it just took it out of me even more than I thought it would, so I have been showing a little discretion on getting out. But it has cooled down a little in the past couple days. Another factor is he little guy. Not him directly, but the activities he is in this fall (see this post for more) that honestly go on five days a week.

So how good is good?  I have lost 9 pounds since that first day! I have more energy. I don’t feel ~as~ lethargic (I still have my lump on the couch moments) as I had been.  I feel motivated to make additional changes as well.  I take the time to pack food for the day.  I find myself not craving ‘junk’ food as much as I had before.  I feel more amorous (I will leave that one without additional explanation!).  I have so much further to go.  I am ~just~ starting to see physical changes.  I have a couple pairs of pants that are getting a little loose (and other clothes that are still don’t fit).

The psychological impacts have been amazing.  My attitude has been better, I feel like I have been a little more calm and have a little less static around the edges.  It has improved my overall outlook.  I am even getting mentally prepared to hit the trails again on my feet and actually – wait for it…  wait for it…


Yes, getting out there and hitting the trails, using my body again has started the itch to get out and hit the pavement.  Get a few miles in.  Once it cools of a little more, I will be getting back out there.  I do have our annual end of the year runs coming up (Halloween and Christmas) after all, and I would like to turn in some respectable times.

As the wise sage Homer once said…

Image result for donuts is there anything they can't do

Keep reading on, I hope this is just the beginning…