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Just as we are starting to get settled in with school and a regular routine…

…the fall sport season has fallen upon us.

As soon as last fall wrapped up with baseball and soccer the little guy wasted no time at all to inform newmom and I that we were not to enroll him in soccer this year. Instead he wanted to play flag football(like his friend F(name shortened)) plays.  So after our first foray into Pony league baseball in the spring we finished the school year, had a relaxing, short summer and BAM!  We’re back to school which means sports are a fast follow.

So we granted the little guys’ wishes and enrolled him in flag football, AND Pony league fall baseball.  So here we are, another fall with two sports!  Time to start figuring out scheduling around practices as well as preparing to sacrifice a chicken to the schedule gods that there’s no overlap.

So this past weekend we had evaluations for both leagues. Saturday morning we were up and going for our first taste of flag football.  It wasn’t all that different than evaluation for baseball in the spring, they broke the boys up into random groups and then sent them to complete a series of drills to see where he falls skills-wise.

Here are a couple of action shots…

Keeping an eye on that ball!!!


Finishing up 40 yard dash (WAYYYY in the back)!!


after evaluations, friend F. and the little guy, pals for life!

We were told that we would hear from a coach soon, that they would take results from evaluation to make the teams as even and fair as possible.

So because the fun never ends, we had baseball evaluations the next day.  We went through the evaluation process last spring so we were familiar with it.  Because fall ball is different than spring ball we didn’t really know what to expect.  The official start time was 11:30 and the little guy and I arrived a few minutes after that. When we signed in we were NUMBER 84!!!! and in GROUP 6!!  We ended up being at the park for a total of FOUR HOURS watching the other groups go before we got out turn.  When we finally got our turn and he went out to the field and really did a great job.  It was GREAT to see him out there again and at the end they ask a couple boys to stay so they can see them pitch. Last year our little guy was not selected to stay but this year he was!(I think I might have been more excited about this than he was!)  Although it was a long time the weather cooperated (we had a nice cool breeze), we were able to spend some time together and play catch, chat and even leave the park to grab a quick bite around the corner and come back.

Here is some of the action!




I liked the way this picture came out so much it is my background on my work computer!!


OK kid, show ’em what you got!

We are still waiting to hear back from both leagues on his team selection.  We did however get asked if we were ever interested in him joining the league’s travel team (BU8) which is a great honor just to be asked.  One of our friends with older kids had a son who was on the team and that boy is a starting pitcher on his high schools team.

OK, let me just get this out there.  I am not one of those delusional parents who thinks his kid is the best and every game is an exhibition for college/pro scouts, I am a dad who loves seeing his kid excel in games he loves to play.   I would be just as excited if he was entering a photo or piece of art in a competition as well.

We are about to get very, very busy…