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When the little guy and I were riding our bikes the other day it inspired me. It felt so good being back on two wheels!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was struggling. I had stopped doing pretty much any exercise at all and packing the weight back on.  I needed a spark.  Something to get me to care again.  Who knew that it would be my seven year old son basically tricking me into getting him a donut.

Well I have to say it was a little more than just the trip around the neighborhood.  That excursion occurred on a Saturday and the next morning both he and I must have woken up on the same side of the bed, the WRONG side. We were just fraying each others nerves. Very confrontational.  Newmom was sleeping in because she was exhausted.  I needed to run to our church to drop off some paperwork.  When I got back his mood and attitude only got worse.  Eventually he went outside to play with his friends and I needed to blow off a little steam so I thought a ride was in order.  So I geared up and headed out.

I didn’t think it would be a 13 mile ride, but it was.  Now remember this is the second time this year I have been on the bike for anything other than tooling around the block. It was heavenly!!  I felt so good after that ride!  It was a route I am very familiar with and it honestly didn’t feel like it had been as long as it had.

This has inspired me and I ended up riding 8 days straight. I would have kept that streak going but I had some mechanical issues that needed fixed, so the past couple of days the bike was in the shop.  I am very fortunate to live very close to Rock and Road Cyclery, and they are GREAT! Always courteous and helpful, and all the repairs have been top notch!

So here’s the analyst in me coming out. I track all my miles on the Strava app (no endorsement considerations were made) and I can’t say enough good things about it. It tracks miles, speed and elevation. I have a feed and connect with other friends who use it as well and can see their activities. It does a great job! It keeps historical data for you as well. When I looked at my historical data and was shocked!

I seem to have a season where I ride a lot for a couple months then stop suddenly. It turns out I did not record a single ride in 2018, so it was easy to do better this year than I did last year.   In 2016 I rode just a hair under 300 miles (290.7) and 2017 I did quite a few less (229.3). I am hopeful that this year I will set the bar high, and produce more miles that I have in any other single year.

I met with a friend to catch up earlier this week and was telling him about this. He asked how I felt overall.  I told him I felt GREAT.  I slept better, felt better feel more energy, I am not craving as much ‘bad food’ and my spirits are up.  I plan on completing a full post about my first 30 days back on the bike when I hit that 30 day mark which will be September 9th (there are 31 days in August).

Here’s a couple of Pics.


I really like the way this came out, with the Sun shining in!


I never noticed the hawk above until just now. I’m hoping the pictures in 30 days will have a much more svelte Newdad in it! 

Hey Strava, if you want to sponsor me, I’m available!!!

Kudos to Rock and Road Cyclery, they are always friendly and helpful and do great repair work!