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I had the opportunity to spend some time one on one with the little guy last weekend when newmom had a mom’s playdate with a friend from church.  I was super excited do something with him.  I suggested throwing the football, as we had Flag football evaluations coming up.  That quickly got shot down.  I then suggested getting our gloves and throwing the baseball around.  We also have fall baseball evaluations coming up. Another NO.  So when I asked him what he wanted to do, he told me he wanted to go on a bike ride.

Ok, I can do that.  So we got ready, applied sunscreen, grabbed a water bottle and sunglasses.  To the garage, pumped up our tires, put our helmets on and we were off!  The little guy wanted to lead the way so I started following him in our neighborhood. We started riding away from the park and the school (my first guess on where he would go) and towards the shopping center.  At the corner around the bend, he looks over at me and says ‘I hope you brought money cause we are going to get a donut.’

WAIT A MINUTE!!  I had been bamboozled!  I think this little mastermind had this all planned out.  I was just a pawn on his chessboard and I just got taken!  However, I do love donuts and find it impossible to say no when it comes to them.  So I guess I didn’t hate being a piece of this dastardly plan.

We went to the local supermarket and parked our bikes out front.  I told him to go inside and look at the donut case, then come out and tell me what he wants.  Then I would run in while he sat with the bikes while I got the donuts and drinks.  After I got back with the donuts, we sat out front and just enjoyed the fruits of his plan and chatted.  As we were wrapping up he said ‘let’s go home’.


No way little man.  My turn.  You thought we would just get a treat then run right back home.  My turn to bamboozle your plans.

I told the little guy if he wanted a bike ride, he was getting a bike ride.  So I took him around the perimeter of our neighborhood.  It was a really nice ride.  In one section of the ride, there were some bees hanging around, he yelled “bees!” and I yelled back to  him just ride right through them.  He was a champ and did it- TWICE!  I was very proud of him for being so brave.  Others may have totally freaked out and he just rode right through!  Another highlight of the ride was just chatting with him as we rode.  We sang songs and just had laughs and fun.  So we rode through the neighborhood and back home.   I later mapped the ride and it came out to a touch over 4 miles.


Here he is riding along…

I know he needs a bigger bike, and that will come soon.

I am looking forward to many more ‘Bike Rides” with him, even if there is an ulterior motive underlying the trip (but if they are as delicious as this one, I don’t think I will really complain that much!).

-and thanks for getting me back on the bike little man…