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A Tiger Cub Scout!  New mom saw a flyer for an interest meeting for Scouting. We went to the meeting together and we thought we would give it a shot. Try it out for a year, see how the little guy (and mom and dad) liked it.  So after paying the fees and getting his uniform and patches, we were off on a new adventure.


The first year was a lot of fun. Now new mom did a lot of the den and pack meetings, but I participated in some of the events over the year.  To start 2019 the den came to assist with the Sandwich Ministry we do at our church in January.


This helped earn the boys one of their badges for the year.  They ended up earning a number of badges throughout the scouting year which parallels the school year.

Unfortunately we did miss a number of events due to scheduling conflicts.  There were a few events right towards the end of the Scout year that we did get to do.

The first event of the spring for us was Scout O Rama!  I think this event used to be the boy scout jamboree (I’m not sure), but it is a HUGE event where local troops, both cub scout and boy scout set up booths and exhibitions that show the skills they have learned throughout their journey as a scout. It truly was an amazing experience, to see everything these young boys have accomplished, everything they have learned. There were great exhibits throughout the park and I think it really opened the little guys eyes to everything scouting can be.



Next was a nature walk at one of the local trails here in the area. It was a short hike on a very level terrain. The boys all had a “scavenger Hunt’ to complete while on the hike. They had to check off a list of items as they observed them on the trail. The boys all seemed to have fun. And the parents had a great time as well. We definitely will work hikes into our routine, we had a great time.



The next event is the BIG one. CAMPING.  I have never been a big outdoors-ey kind of guy.  As the matter of fact, I can only remember going camping once. New mom and the little guy have been looking forward to this for quite some time.  I think I have written before that I will try everything at least once for my son, so I tried my best to open myself to going camping.   After borrowing a number of items and supplies (to see how we liked camping before we invested into equipment) we went ‘camping’.  Now, this isn’t quite ‘Glamping’ but it wasn’t really “roughing it’ either.


Years of Tetris pay off!

Years of


Tent is up and ready!


We went to the Irvine outdoor education center that is a part of Irvine Park. The center has events you can schedule for your group so the boys did Archery, BB Rifles and a mining excursion.   They were all very well done and the instruction on the Archery and BB Rifle Range was very good.







Now, there were some issues. We had a larger tent (6 person) and there were not many pads for larger tents. So we made due, found a flat piece of ground and pitched our tent there. A number of other families did the same.  And then over night, actually from about 1am to 5am, we had sporadic rain.  Enough to get the tent wet for when we had to roll it up. New mom and I were some of the first people up and we decided to get as much of our gear down the hill (oh yes, the sites were UPHILL (no fun dragging it up there, but there were a cart service that ran a couple times) as early as possible. We were quite the team, getting everything packed up and back down the hill before many of the families were even up and out of bed.


we’re camping!!!



The temperatures were PERFECT, not too hot during the day, not too cold at night.  Learned a few lessons on how much to pack (it was only really one night) and honestly I had a lot of fun.  We are going to do it again later this year with some of our friends.



Lets do it again!


To finish out the Scout year, our little man went through a transformation. He has moved from a Tiger to a Wolf.  The end of year meeting the boys moved to the next level and received their final badges of the year.





Ready for Next Year!


Overall, scouting has been a HUGE success. We are very excited for him to continue his journey as a WOLF, getting new badges, learning life skills, making lifelong friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Growing up, I was never a scout. My brother was the only one of us who got into scouting and I think he only did it a year or two.  I went camping one time, and we had a pop up camper. I have fond memories of that trip, but I also remember it not being something I was interested in doing over and over again. I am hopeful that the little guy will want to continue his scouting adventure and I look forward to the new experiences we will all experience together.