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Through his various sports teams, our little guy has made a number of friends. And New mom and I have made friends with some of the parents.  One of his teammates parents that we have become close owns a boat and took new mom, the little guy and I out to Laughlin to go boating and set up a shore side campsite for a day.  It was a blast.  I will write a full blog about the trip later this week.  Today I want to write about a question asked during the weekend.

‘Is this blog-worthy?’

We were set up on the shore, just eating lunch when somehow this blog came up.  Our friend looked at me and asked that very question.

The short answer is “hell yeah it is!’

The longer answer I will start here.  I am not really sure when or what I am going to blog about.  Sometimes I let a little too much time pass between entries, for various reasons, and I always kick myself when I realize how therapeutic it is getting my thoughts out.  it seems I constantly have an idea or three floating in my head for my next post.  And it’s fun as well. It is exciting sharing moments on this page, and one of the purposes for this is so the little guy can come back to this page in the future and reminisce, and read what his dad was thinking, observing and wanting to capture for him to view in the future.

But what exactly is ‘Blog-Worthy’?  That is a great question.  I have written a little over 250 posts since I started this whole thing, and the subject material has been diverse.  But I want the posts to be authentic and as real as I possibly can make them. There have been times where I have not posted because of the subject material or I may be expressing an unpopular opinion. I apologize for not being more brave and will try to overcome that fear.

I read a couple other blogs and every now and again have come across a couple from bloggers that have either followed or liked this blog.  One of them in particular has had a couple of posts recently about blogging that have really hit home. Find them HERE and HERE , they really kind of relate to this post.

Well, keep your eyes out for additional posts soon, including one about our trip to the river.