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NOTE: I started this post back in December of 2017, not long after this race. I am finishing it today.


I used to run.

Really, I did.  I promise.

As I noted in my previous post not long ago, I participated in my first running event in quite some time with the Halloween race.  Part of the reason we did it was because it is such a great event (as described in the post) and because my mother in law wanted to complete two 5K races by the end of the year as a part of her rehab for knee surgery she had in July.  We had run the Make Room for Santa Run back in 2014, and yes, it is another Renegade Race series event, and as it was three years ago, it was a lot of fun.

This is a great race to finish your year up with. It has a 5K and 10K option and both courses are flat (it is Irvine after all). There is also a 1\2 mile kids run (which our little guy did).  As Always Santa is there to take pictures with you and it is a good time for all involved.  As you would imagine with a holiday theme race, there are a lot of costumed runners (I have never ran in costume, know people who have and love it, but I don’t have that itch to scratch).

A very family oriented event that is the perfect way to wrap up your running year.

holiday race

I would definitely recommend it.

Some of the Positives:

  1. Course layout: you are not on any surface streets throughout the 5k or 10k which  is Great. The only downside is it is a little congested at the start, but I find that on many races.
  2. Course Support (water, aid): the water stations were well placed. If you see my review on the Halloween race, one of the things I noted was the placement of the water station on the course. There was more access to this course so there were more options.
  3. The Medal: always Christmas themed, I really enjoy the medal. Although I do have to say I liked the Halloween medal a little more this year.
  4. The Expo: loads of exhibits, opportunities to register for additional races, renegade does a GREAT job on this expo. It is also nice to see 361 shoes there as well.
  5. Shuttles: this race does not offer a ton of parking. You have to park and take a shuttle to the event site. The shuttles were running smoothly and we got to the event on time and did not have to wait long to get back to the remote parking.


If you are looking for a family oriented event and a great race to finish your year, please register for next year. Perhaps we will see you there!

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