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So not too long ago I wrote about getting on two wheels and going for a ride.  I spoke about the self challenge of getting to 20 miles and how my first two attempts were near misses.

I am happy to report that I achieved my 20 mile ride last Saturday(6/17) and then yesterday(6/24) I got a 21.3 mile ride in…almost. I will explain.  On mile 18 I noticed the left crank started to feel really gimpy.  I had noticed something on my last ride but dismissed it.  MISTAKE.  So I am riding along and a start the see the crank literally start to slide off the bike!  I was able to kick it back into place but it got progressively worse.  I tried to limp the bike in, but eventually got off the bike and walked it in. Straight to the local bike shop, which fortunately is less than a 1/4 mile from our apartment.

They took my bike to the back and started looking at the crank to see what could be done.  After looking it over, I now have a new crank ordered and the bike will be ready on Thursday. The technician explained he saw this sort of thing quite often. I ride a Schwinn and they mass produce the bike and mass produced parts are used. He also said this is why they sell left side cranks.

This kind of kills my self set goal of 100 miles in the month of June.

The real comedy of the situation is the exact same thing happened to me years ago when I had a bike I inherited from someone who moved out of state. I loved riding that bike. It is not a s nice as the bike I have now, but it was still a good bike to me.  So when I called now mom to explain what happened, she laughed and said “what is wrong with you and the pedal crank coming off of bikes!?!?!”

You can bet your behind I will be ready to ride again and get my miles as soon as the bike is ready. And I will be reaching for my next goal of a 25 mile ride (I already have it mapped out!).


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