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Ok, a short post over my lunch that I will expand on later. I am in southern California, land of Laker fans and PAC 12 hell. So the Lonzo Ball coverage is even more in effect. Without being drafted into the NBA, he has a ‘Big Baller’ brand shoe, THAT HAS A $495.00 PRICE TAG!!!

When asked about this, his father (who is the engineer of this crazy train) said ‘if’ you can’t afford them then you are not a big baller’.

How out of touch is this?!?!

Earlier this week, orange county was named the 5th highest low income line in the country. The new low income line is 84k. I don’t know many people who have $495.00 to spend on a pair of sneakers. Or any single item of clothing.

I am fortunate that our little guy is not old enough to be playing keep up with his peers as far as what kind of shoes, clothes, phone etc. He has but that day will come, and when it does, I will show him this as a learning experience.

Is this just me? Or are there others that feel the same way. I mean this kid hasn’t even played a single minute in the league and he is trying to get hard working people to dish out that kind of money for SHOES?

NO, I am not a ‘Big Baller’…