I am blessed.

I am blessed.

I am blessed. I have to remind myself of that sometimes when being a parent is at its most challenging (and believe me, there have been MANY of those moments recently(that is for another post)).

Why is it that I say this? Because my wife, Newmom is awesome. She is a great friend, a great partner and a wonderful mother to our little man. One of things that she has done with him is go at her own schedule and pace. It has made a HUGE difference. I can say that something that every parent has to hear is ‘oh my, your little one is still (wearing diapers, using a pacifier, breastfeeding, uses a bottle)?’ There is a palpable pressure to get these things done when everyone else expects you to have completed them.  Everyone has an opinion, everyone has advice. There are so many books, sites and other resources that dictate what the ‘experts’ recommend…

…screw all of them.

Yup, I said it. Every situation is different. That is one thing Newmom learned early on and honestly could care less about what all of the expected timeframes were. She also didn’t care if someone said “Your little guy is still (fill in the blank); she has gone at her own pace and knew exactly when she wanted to reach each milestone.  I feel that because she went with what and how she felt, achieving these milestones was made so much easier.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been challenges. Weaning him off breastfeeding to bottles had some very difficult moments, for everyone in the house. For some of the other milestones…

…I am blessed. Our little guy has gone through changes pretty easily. I know other parents that have had a rough time and I feel badly because for us it was relatively painless.  I thought for certain that weaning off a pacifier was going to be rough, but newmom did it in days (while I was away on business no less, THANK YOU NEWMOM!). Weaning off of bottles had its challenges, but the experience did not lead newmom and I straight to the liquor cabinet. Then came the big one I had been dreading, potty training.

Newmom started when she felt it was time, even hearing from friends ‘when is he going to be potty trained?’. she had a plan ready, that we would spend an entire weekend at the apartment and get him out of diapers over that weekend.  We had a few accidents that weekend, but sure enough, by Sunday night, he pretty much nailed it! he took to it very well, staying dry overnight. He still wears pull ups to bed, but it has been some time now and I can count on one hand how many times they have been wet in the morning. He will get up in the middle of the night to get us to take him to the bathroom.

There have been accidents. the good news is none of them were due to time running out as we frantically searched for a suitable bathroom. A number of them are due to him not wanting to stop playing with his cousins. maybe he felt like he could hold it a little longer. Maybe he just didn’t care. But overall my fears of potty training, while well founded, were eased as we went through the weekend. I felt like I needed the ‘easy button’ from staples.

Have I mentioned that I am blessed?