Living in Southern California has its challenges. It is not all beaches and Palm trees. We have been in a terrible drought for quite some time now and I think most of us here are willing to start making sacrifices and learning rain dances.

This weekend we got an unexpected treat, RAIN. good, solid, rains. it was nice to see the rains, felt like seeing an old friend. It is even more rare to see it this time of year. I have been in southern California for 18 years now and can count on one hand the number of summer storms I can recall in that time.

I got very lucky, I did a trail run with Heather of 365 days of awesome (http://365awesomedays.blogspot.com). I learned a couple of things:

1) trail running is HARD (and not the most fun thing to do in the world)

2) I have soooo far to go to get back in respectable shape. need to push harder to get a solid base back.

But I will not make this a one and done kind of thing. I will go back again.

SO how did I get lucky? I did NOT get rained on.  We watched the clouds roll in, I even got the following picture of the last time we saw the sun. We discussed that there might be rain in the forecast (CRAZY, right?). we continued to run /walk and finished strong.  I took off from the park where we started, not even ten minutes later, I get a text that I JUST missed the rain, and it was a downpour.  I think that might have really ruined my trail run experience.

Well, soggy run or not, I am over the moon with this rain and hope it continues a little longer, as we desperately need every last drop.