On the road again….

yup, for the third straight week I am away from New Mom, Baby boy and home. But instead of a (mis) adventure in travel, this trip has produced an unexpected (and unnecessary) perk.

I took the late flight into Pheonix and when I got to the rental car facility there were not a lot of great options loeft for me.  I eventually narrowed it down to a toyota avalon and Buick Lacross. I looked in the avalon and it had a bad smell and it looked like a child drew in premanant marked on the back seat, so the Lacross wins. so I drive to the check out to get on my way and when the guy in the booth is doing his thing, I notice the IS NO GAS IN THE CAR!  So when I point this out, the guy asks if i want to exchange cars, hell yes I want to change cars. As i am back in the lot looking for whatever half assed car i would settle on, this guy runs up to me and asks “you were the gentloemen that had no gas in his car?” I said yes and he asked if there was antything he could do for me, i said i was not real happy with the selection that was left. he offered to upgrade me for no added charge. SO i am driving a beautiful Infinity G37. Let me tell you, that is one nice piece of automotive technology. great ride, nery user friendly displays, and pickup, it goes from zero to FAST pretty damn quickly. I am going to be sad when i get back in my car back home…