SO over the holidays a strange thing happened. I was Skyping with my mom, showing her the baby. That was not the strange thing, we Skype at least once a week. The strange part was when I told him to say hi to mommy. That is what struck me a strange. The woman on the screen is MY mom, his Grandmother.

That was when it hit me. I am now Mr. Gronek. My son’s friends are going to call me Mr. Gronek. My parents are now grandma and grandpa Gronek. That really hit me hard that day. I stopped in my tracks. Harold and Mary Gronek are Grandma and Grandpa Gronek, not my parents. Now to throw hypocricy into the mix, I have have no problem with the transition of my Brother Andy becoming Uncle Andy, but have had the worst time with my parents becoming grandma and grandpa. I am sure some if it is because it is sort of a reminder of their mortality, and with my dad being sick, it is all that much harder to deal with.

In the coming weeks and months, my little guy is going to start grasping the concept of language, associating words with people(mama, dada), objects(toys, television, etc) and needs(hungry, tired, sleepy) and as he learns what to call people I am going to have to accept that my mom is no longer just my mom, she is my son’s granma…

…and I think I am going to be OK with that.