Lost in a supermarket?


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I would like to thank the rock band The Clash for the title of this post.

I wasn’t really sure how to follow up from the last post. That one was tough to write. Like the overall experience, it took a lot out of me. I was in Church last Sunday listening to the sermon on circumstances/coincidences. Like the circumstances/coincidences of being on a certain beach at a certain time when a girl needed help from total strangers. Our pastor spoke about an occasion recently where he took three Adventure bibles and put them in the back of his car. later he went to the supermarket. At the supermarket he ran into a dad who had his three children. By the end of the story, the pastor had given those three bibles to the kids. A series of coincidences that led to circumstances of three children getting these cool adventure bibles.

Now the start of the story was the question: Who love going to the supermarket? I raised my hand. Cause for some unknown reason, I love grocery shopping. I absolutely enjoy going in, getting food for the week. Looking for the best value. I stop and reflect on some of my previous experiences throughout my life that involve grocery stores and these two stories come to mind.

When I was a child growing up in Ohio, there was a summer break where my cousin stayed with us for a week. During that time my mom needed to go to the grocery store. In between our house and the grocery store was an elementary school with an awesome playground. So my mom drove us to the school then went onto the store. Thinking back on it now, we were probably finished much sooner than anyone thought. We were all sitting on the sidewalk waiting for my mom when I saw a car drive by that to this day I would swear was our car. Now this wasn’t like the cars were passing right by us, but it was at least a block or three away. I started to freak out and was sure my mom “forgot us” (looking back on it decades later and knowing now what I do, a parent will never forget their child in these circumstances). After I “convinced” my brother and cousin that we were left behind, we walked onto the neighborhood that was next to the school (I had a friend who lived in that neighborhood) and found someone who let us use their telephone (Cell phones were YEARS away) and called my dad. Lets just say that conversation didn’t go well. We made our way back to the school and waited for my mom to come and pick us up (it really wasn’t that much longer) and we headed home. To get into BIG trouble.

My next story about grocery stores is from when I got my first apartment. I moved out of my parents’ house when I turned 21. I got a two bedroom apartment and the day finally come where I moved my stuff out and started living on my own (I was solo for the first few months, my roommate was still living in New York and had to finish the school year). I remember getting everything set up and realizing “shit, I don’t have any groceries.” So I went grocery shopping. I was astounded by the price of everything!! I went to my parent’s house for dinner that night (real independent, right?) and was telling my dad i was surprised at the price of certain items. He laughed. And laughed, then laughed some more. We all started to laugh along with him. He said “welcome to reality son” (or something long those lines).

I have always loved grocery shopping. I love going in with a list. Scratching off each item as I put it in the basket. Something I do not love? Shopping with newmom and the little guy. I love them both dearly, but do not like shopping with them. With the little guy it is always “can I get this?” or “I’m going to go look at (fill in the blank)”. Now if and when my mom reads this, I am sure she is thinking “Paybacks a bitch” because I have NO DOUBT that I and my brothers did the same exact thing to her and my dad. I don’t really know why I don’t like shopping with newmom, she tells me all the time she hates shopping without me. She appreciates that I can look at items and tell her which is the better value. I’m pretty sure it is because I feel like when I am in there, I am focused and a “get in and get out” kind of shopper and I try to stick to a list and don’t have to tell someone that no, they are not buying that 30 times in less than 20 minutes. There is something, I don’t know what, that is so satisifying about the shopping experience that I just get into.

What about you? Are you someone who loves grocery shopping or is it something that if you ever had to do it again, it would be too soon?

and “Lost in a supermarket” is n my top 5 clash songs of all time…

A (horrific) day at the beach


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The Beach. Almost everyone loves a day at the beach. The Sand, the sun, the bathing suits. Families from near and far will pack up and spend an entire day just soaking up the sun and making an event out of it.

We are fortunate enough to live within driving distance to many of the beaches that line the southern California coast. Newmoms sister and her family live very close to the shore, you can see the ocean from their back balcony.

Last weekend newmom’s cousin and his two sons came to town to visit and get out of the Arizona heat. We all went down to their house to hang out on Friday night. During that night, we were told that they were going to set up at baby beach in Dana point, get out the paddleboards and make a long day out of it. Just show up when we are ready.

Saturday rolls around and newmom is feeling a little tired. The little guy asks when we are going to go to the beach with his cousins so I say to her “I’ll take him down, you relax”. We go ahead and pack up and head down to the beach. I drop the little guy off and he goes to find where our base camp is as I look for a parking spot. After I park, I find the base camp and the boys are all out on the paddleboards so it is just the little guy and I. Now the way baby beach is set up, it is near the harbor, so there is no real waves to speak of and there is an area for families to just enjoy the calm water and relax/beat the heat. The little guy asked if we could go over to the other side of the breakers where there are tide pools and rocks to climb on. I say yes, that would be ok and we start making our way over there. On the way we run into my nephew and Newmom’s Cousin. He said the boys were making their way to the shore and he was going to go check on them then come join us over by the tide pools. My Nephew decided to come with us. When we got over to the other section of Beach, I saw something I had never seen in all the times we had gone to this area of the beach. The waves were SUPER HIGH and very powerful. They were battering the steps, so there was no easy way to get to the beach, but the boys saw that if they went to the area behind steps where they could get the dry shore. So I told them they could go over there and I would join them. I waited between crashing waves and hopped over to the shore.

The boys were a little ahead of me and staying towards the rocks, far from the water. I was closer to the surf which was crashing in hard. That’s when I saw something that is going to be with me the rest of my life. I saw two people in the water. one of them didn’t look right. A huge wave crashed over them and the way it knocked them around I thought it looked bad. As the water cleared, the second person, the one who was upright screamed “Help me, Help my grandpa!” I immediately ran to the water with another guy who was not far from me and pulled him out of the water. He wasn’t moving and was not responsive. The girl, the other guy and I dragged him onto the shore and we got washed over by a wave, so we dragged him further up the shore, where we were hit yet again by another wave (told you it was strong). We lifted the body and dragged it even further where we started chest compressions and clearing his throat. As I held this guys head and looked at his face, I realized he looked a lot like me. Bald, goatee, a similar build but no life behind the eyes, it was very very unsettling. I turned his head and water and other stuff exited his mouth. I opened his mouth further and attempted to clear his airway. The other guy and I switched off on compressions and then two other gentlemen showed up and took over. Lifeguards and people from the oceanic institute that is right next to the area of beach where we were showed up with medical gear and took over. Shortly after that the paramedics and sheriffs were on site.

I took the granddaughter off to the side and sat her down. She was crying and I asked her to take deep breaths and look at me, not what they were doing to try to save her beloved grandfathers life. I took her hands and asked her to pray. We sat there on the beach and prayed for her grandfather, for the people who were working on him. AT that time her little brother came over, crying very hard. I sat him down and asked him to pray as well. The young girls mother came over and we all prayed. The little boy was sent back to his father who was waiting over by those stairs I mentioned earlier.

It was rough. We are praying for the team working on this guy who in my head I felt wasn’t going to make it. It was his time to go home to the lord. But I continued to pray.

The paramedics get the guy on a board, have him hooked up on a couple of devices and take him off the beach to the hospital. I asked the family to please call me to give me an update and they took my number. After I got up off the beach, I sat on a nearby bench and cried, HARD. After I was able to get myself together and give the police a statement, I started slowly walking back to our basecamp.

That’s when I saw my little guy. HE WAITED ALL THAT TIME FOR ME. He ran to me and just gave me what might be one the best hugs I have ever gotten in my entire life, if not one of the best, the most needed. So when the first guy and I ran to help get the body out of the water, someone yelled “clear out” and my nephew and the little guy followed those directions and made their way back to our basecamp. When he got there, he found my cell phone and called newmom and told her “Mom, you need to pray for this guy, I don’t know who he is but dad pulled him out of the water and working on him”. He then hung up and called my mother in law and said the same thing. I didn’t know this until later but it was amazing. After he made those calls, he went back as far as he felt comfortable and waited. we walked a little further and I sat him down on a set of steps by the institute and told him “I don’t think he is going to make it, so lets say a quick prayer for the family” and we did. As we started to make our way back to basecamp, he looked at me and said “Dad, God is holding our hands right now. He’s here with us.” I think that made me cry a little more. We got back to basecamp and I spent the rest of the afternoon just decompressing.

Later we packed up and went back to newmom’s sisters place and we spent time together with all of her brothers and sister and their families, along with the cousin and his two boys. I was pretty shaken. One thing newmom’s cousin said to me that really hit me was ‘God put a really good man there to help, and that man was you bro’ as he gave me a huge hug.

I did get a call from the family that confirmed that their grandfather/father did indeed not survive. My heart goes to the family and especially to that poor girl who had to drag her grandfather’s body God knows how far (she had cuts and bruises on her arms and legs). I pray that she finds peace and gets any help that she needs for this horrific experience. I can only hope that I was able to help (her mother thanked me for everything that I did, especially the prayers).

I couldn’t sleep for days. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see were his eyes. It has gotten a little easier with each passing day. I cried multiple times a day for the first half of the week and I experienced severe anxiety. I understand now when people say that they experience severe anxiety. I have sought guidance and assistance for the feelings of anxiety and dis-ingenuiness (is that the right word? a real word?) I had while I was praying. I have spoken to the little guy to see how he was feeling about everything and he seems to be holding up alright, but when we spoke to him even yesterday, he did get sad and had tears in his eyes. Newmom and I are going to continue to watch over him and make sure he is ok.

Please, if you are not CPR certified, find a way to get that certification and know how to do it properly. When you and your family have a day at the beach, please be extra careful and of course, apply plenty of sunscreen.

A quick little thank you


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This blog hit another milestone last week. I got my 200th follower. I was pretty excited to see that number it means that someone other than newmom is reading what I have to write and share.

I have to remember this is my own little corner of the blogosphere and to not compare my ramblings with others. Two other blogs I read regularly recently wrote about milestones, the first saying they just hit a millions views of their blog, CONGRATS on that, that is quite the feat. I get excited every time I hit a new 1,000 hits (and by the way, I have a LOOOOONG way to go before I hit a million). Another blog I read talked about how she recently got 6 million views (on Pinterest) which is another amazing achievement.

So putting my ego aside, I want to Thank each and every one of you who have followed me recently and continue to follow our exploits, insights and ramblings here in my corner of the blogging world.

Here’s to the next 100 followers and next 1000 views!

You know you’re old (a Buck Rogers adventure)


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So I was writing my last post Sharped dressed man!! when newmom was talking to me. We were talking about our plans for the rest of the day when she says “Oh Boy, it’s Saturday night, Buck Rogers again! Woo Hoo!”.

Allow me to explain why this is so funny…

I am of the age where science fiction exploded with Star Wars. I have seen all three of the original trilogy in the theatre as they were released. To jump on the enormous wave of popularity that came with the franchise, the television networks were scrambling to whet the appetites of Sci Fi fans. Battlestar Galactica was a big hit in the late late 70’s (later refreshed by the Sci-fy network (and REALLY GOOD). But then there was THE show my friends and I watched every week. BUCK ROGERS in the 25th century. Now this show was on for a very brief period (I think it was only two seasons) but it had something for everyone. A handsome leading man for the ladies, an attractive female supporting character for the men, Twiki for the kids. I have fond memories of watching the show every week.

Fast forward to now. Our cable network has a channel called ME TV that shows old programs (Adam 12, green acres, the original star trek) and every Saturday night?


See the source image

YES! I get to relive a little slice of my childhood every time it is on. Now, I am looking at it through the eyes of someone who is much older (and some would say wiser) and has seen effects and storytelling come a long way since that time. Yes, the costumes are sometimes really bad, the effects have not aged well and the stories are not really as high quality as I remembered them to be. but you know what?


I don’t care. The nostalgia it brings me when I watch fills me with a warmth I just can’t explain. Seeing Gil Girard and Erin Gray transports me back to the wood paneled family room, laying on the floor in front of the television watching and thinking how cool Buck was and how much I loved Twiki’s Bee-bee-bee-bee-da every time he said something. Another thing that I always get a kick out of were the special guest appearances or actors who had supporting roles that later because stars (just watch Fantasy Island or the Love Boat, you’ll see MANY faces that we knew later). Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer(of 24) himself!) had a short stint on the show, and I get a kick out it ever time I see him there.

So yeah, “you know you’re old when your husband watches Buck Rogers Every week”. But the memories and nostalgia can’t be beat.

Sharped dressed man!!


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What is it the old ZZ top song says?

“Cause every woman’s crazy for a sharped dressed man!!”

Now this is the boy who won’t wear pants (see Just wear the pants!!!). But when we had to return to Arizona for a funeral (newmoms’ grandmother passed away at the end of May) we had to find some dress up clothes for our little man for the service. Nothing we had fit him anymore (he just won’t stop growing, even though we have asked him not to!).

So we went to find a button up shirt and a pair of slacks. We found some at target and on the same rack were jackets. He was immediately drawn to them. They were heavily discounted as well (plus for me!). The issue? Size availability. He fit in one size but it was a little snug in the shoulders and of course this Store did not have the next size up. Even heavily discounted, the way the jacket fit (or didn’t fit) justified us to make the purchase.

Fast forward to actually being on a place that feels like it is about 2 miles from the actual surface of the sun (it was hot). Newmom needed to run over to the local Target to pick up a couple of things that we may have forgotten and she saw the same jacket. Not only did they have the size the little guy needed, they had the next size up. So she bought them both (not a big deal at that price!). Needless to say, the little guy was OVER THE MOON!!

He gat a load of compliments on the entire outfit, told multiple times how handsome he looked. Although I am very, very biased, they were right, he looked remarkably handsome in it!!!

Looking Sharp!

He is slowly starting to break out of the gym shorts and a dry-wick tee shirt as his standard outfit, hopefully this will encourage him even more to wear more than gym clothes. I don’t know how many more times he will wear the jacket(s) but when he does, he will be our ‘sharp dressed man!’.



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Back in August of 2020 we learned our little guy was quite adept at riding a skateboard (see Currently). Well, we told him he could use his birthday money any way he wanted (well, within reason) and he said he wanted to get himself a skateboard. Newmom and I have watched him on a skateboard before and we are also comfortable enough with the feeling that he will be responsible enough on one as well (until he gives us a reason not to).

So his birthday came and went and he got a few gift cards. So we were ready. He saw a board he really liked and asked me to look at it. So I did and it got pretty high marks on reviews. We ultimately passed on that board when we found another one that he liked just as much. We ordered it online and in the reviews it said that shipping was really quick (2-3 days). Boy he did not forget that because all we heard for the next few days was “My package will be here soon!” This purchase meant a lot both him and us because he bought it with “his money”.

Well the day that is was supposed to arrive came and before he left for the day with newmom he gave me specific instructions “Dad, as SOON as it gets here, call mom so we can come home and get it.” Well, I also got three telephone calls throughout the day with the question “did it come yet?” (needless to say, it prompted us to have a conversation about telephone etiquette). Well, it finally arrived and I got the 4th call of the day and told him “yes, it’s here.” You would have thought I just told him the best news in the world. He yelled to newmom as he hung up the phone “Drive faster!!!!’.

He opened the board and it looks GREAT! He took it downstairs right away and took right to it, like a fish to water. He proudly showed it off to his friends to mixed results (some loved it, others not so much, kids can be a-holes sometimes). His response was “well I like it and what matters” (super proud parent moment there).

Now for his safety gear. I think our next purchase is a skate helmet. Don’t think we are letting him ride without a helmet (not only no, but HELL NO!), he MUST have a helmet on to ride. But he is stuck on that his bike helmet is fine. he “doesn’t need” another helmet. I think once he sees the helmets, he is going to find one and customize it to his liking.

I’m half kidding and half serious when I say “we just got a frequent visitor card to urgent care, we just bought a skateboard”. Our little man has shown us he can be responsible and exercise safety, but accidents do happen, every parent who has been here before us and those who will follow will tell you the same exact thing.

I’m looking forward to seeing the tricks he learns, the skills he develops and where the road, sidewalks and paths take us.

Milestone: Another First!


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It seems like I get to write about firsts less and less. But I am very honored to get to write about this one. It is no secret that our family is rooted in its faith. We have strong faith in our salvation. We are blessed to attend an wonderful church that has excellent pastors that we trust. When the little guy started third grade we knew the next milestone in his spiritual development was upon us.

You see, in the Lutheran faith, you start taking communion in the third grade. The children have to go through a series of classes to learn about what it means to accept the blood and body of Christ as well as understand the events that lead to the Last supper. We (especially newmom) share the stories of the Bible so we have gone over the sacrifice made for our salvation and how Jesus shared the good news with his disciples and what the bread and wine represent.

Well, over time he took the classes and his first communion was scheduled for Mothers day! How amazing that we would have the gift of him getting his first communion on mothers day! Well what is that they say about the best laid plans? Well, the church moved the date to a week earlier which caused much turmoil in the home, as that was the same morning of the little guys All Star team tryouts. Fortunately the scheduling did work out for us (to an extent) as the tryouts started at 9am and the service was at 11.

That’s not even all of them!

So off we went to all star tryouts, there were A LOT of kids there, so the “about 45 minutes” we were told it would take – Nuh uh! By the time we left, there were still two more drills to get through. It was a tough decision to leave, but we were on our way to the church where we were going to meet newmom. While we were in the car, newmom was asking if we were making the right decision to leave the tryouts. The little guy both surprised me and filled my heart with joy when he said “God is more important. Taking communion today is more important to me that trying out for all Stars”.

This kids’ heart!!!!

So newmom met us and he went into the bathroom at the church to change and get ready. he looked super handsome and ready to go. So he went to meet the others who were also receiving first communion. Now something to point out, obviously 2020 was a complete clusterfuck and everyone basically got screwed out of everything. So this year not only was it the third graders, but it was also the 4th graders who did not get to do it last year. We were also still under restrictions (funny how you can’t go to church but can protest) so each family was limited to a small number of guests to attend. They also had everyone distanced in the pews. We had a choice location and had a perfect view of the little guy doing it. Receiving the sacrament.

Pastor Tom (AWESOME) giving the little guy first communion!

It was quite the moment for newmom and I. We are so proud of the little guys heart and belief. We asked him after the service what he thought and how he felt. He explained the wafer made him feel tingly. New mom and I both thought that was kind of funny. I would like to think that is the holy sprit doing its job. So the next stop for him is confirmation which will be in Middle school. But we continue to do our best to raise him in a home filled with faith.

Two men of God.

Oh, and by the way, he did not make the all star team (I’ll save that for another post).

Sometimes, I just get in my own way.


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There’s a commercial that ran recently where an executive makes an outrageously dumb decision. When asked why he says “Cause I’m a moron”.

Well, that was me recently. Not to sound too much like an egotistical jerk, I am not dumb. I consider myself to be pretty smart. But man can I really screw the pooch and mess things up.

So I have (had) a bike. It has appeared in previous posts. It was an anniversary gift from Newmom. I love it. I have put hundreds of miles on it. But it has given me loads of grief with the Left pedal assembly. It kept coming loose and eventually would fall off the bike entirely. Not good when you are on a long ride. So I took it to a shop to be looked at and fixed. I even had the entire assembly replaced. Only to have the same thing happen again.

So what do I do? I resolve to myself that I am going to fix this. Once and for all. I figure if I can stop the bolt that is loosening up on it’s own, I will fix the issue. So how does one stop a bolt from loosening? Lok-Tite should do it. So off to the hardware store (good old Home Depot) here I come. I am not a big ‘fix-it’ guy. I can handle my own on SMALL tasks but I am blessed to have friends who know what they are doing. I should have consulted with them. I did not know there were different types of Lok-tite and I looked over the packaging (after i had to be told where it was located) and picked the Blue tube. I took it home, cleaned the surfaces and slathered it on the bolt that kept coming loose and secured it in place. Well, it took less than eight miles for that damned pedal to come loose again! (yes, I waited for it to set and dry).

I had a conversation around this with a friend of mine who recommended I use Gorilla Glue epoxy resin. That is a GREAT idea. Not long after, I had lunch/dinner with this same friend and he said “I have something for you.” after our meal we went to his car and he gave me a package of the resin.

So not long after, I went to the garage and performed the surgery I was sure was going to solve the pedal dilemma. I carefully took the left pedal assembly off the bike, cleaned the surfaces and mixed the resin (it is two parts you mix together). I generously applied the resin to the all of the surfaces (the square peg that the pedal fits onto, the pedal assembly itself, the treads of the bolt) and put the pieces back together. I then tightened the bolt. AS HARD AS I COULD. Job well done. Put the bike off to the side and left it in the garage for the epoxy to finish curing and set. Already dreaming of my next ride.

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago. I went to go find the little guy, he was out with his friends somewhere in the Apartment community where we live. I grab the bike, knowing i will likely need to pump up the tires, as it has been a while since i have ridden it. Well, as i was moving it, the pedals did something funny, they swung down to the 6 pm position. I took a look at the bike and said “well shit!” pretty loud.

Well, in my infinite wisdom, I put the pedal on incorrectly!!! so the peg that the pedal fits onto is a square. So that means the pedal has to sit at (think of a clock face) 12, 3, 6, or 9. and whatever position it is in, the pedal on the other side has to sit at the opposite position (so if the left side is at 12, the right side should be at 6, or if the left is at 3, then the right should be at 9).


I did not measure twice. I just went ahead and slapped that bad boy on. AT THE SAME POSITION as the right side!! That’s right, in my haste, both the left and right side are at the same position. And I can’t fix it. the epoxy did it’s job and all of the pieces are on there nice and tight!

I never said I was the best at fixing things. But this is a VALUABLE lesson. One that when I look at now laugh at, but that poor bike that I have loved riding over the past few years, it’s not really finding it very funny as it is basically an example of paying closer attention than it is an actual Bike. An example of dumb-assery!

Something just doesn’t look right…

Well, I have wanted a new bike for a while now.

Next Stop, Number four


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We are officially into Summer Break!! Third Grade has come to a close. Next Step is FOURTH GRADE!!!

It has definitely been a school year for the books. The district moved all of the year round schools to a traditional schedule which we all understood as they were still trying to figure out how to do the 2020-2021 school year (it gave them more time to prepare). The little guy stared the year as distance learning as the new school year kicked off. He was online for just a couple of weeks when they finally opened the doors. We were offered three options for this past year:

  1. Traditional – goes to school 5 days a week, normal hours. Reduced class size (more on that later) and precautions in place.
  2. Hybrid – The student goes into school two days a week for four hours a day. the rest of the time is online (virtual) learning
  3. Virtual Academy (nice name, right?) – The student will be online 100% There is no promise the student would get a teacher from their assigned school (so if you went to east Elementary, your teacher may have been from a school other than East Elementary).

We went with door number one. We knew this was the best option for our little guy. He lost so much in the final months of the 2019-2020 school year we could not have him go through that again.

Boy did we make the right choice! When the school year started, there were 21 students in the class and they had the class split into two cohorts, each with their own room, ten in one, 11 in the other. There were TWO teachers assigned to the class and they had a student teacher from a local university. THREE teachers for 21 students? YES PLEASE! So the year was off to a good start (or as good as it could be).

Mother nature was already messing with us by throwing the world into a global pandemic, but she wasn’t done with our community. We woke up to high winds and smoke from a fire that forced us to evacuate (A bit of catching up Part 2 – Wildfire Edition ). This shut the school down for a couple of days. Not long after there was ANOTHER fire that did not force evacuations in our neighborhood, but did have the entire school go Virtual for a couple of days.

We weathered through and then we had another setback. A positive case in the little guys classroom. Fortunately whoever it was who tested positive (we aren’t told anything more than there was a positive case in the room, not who) was determined to not be in contact with the little guy so we were lucky that there was no need to quarantine or have him tested. His teacher however was out for an extended period for quarantine.

Remember the part where I said “reduced class size”? Yeah, that was nice while it lasted. At the end of each trimester, many parents saw what was happening at the school and felt more comfortable sending their little guys and gals to school with the traditional model. So soon we were up to 32 students before we knew it! The good news about this is they were still divided into separate groups, so 16 per cohort.

The little guys teach was AMAZING. We have been blessed with him having great teachers so far at his school. This year was no different. His was the ONLY class in his grade to complete a grade level play about the history of Orange county. She did a great job making sure the kids third grade experience was as ‘normal’ as it could possibly be. Some highlights of the year include the Living Museum (he did Babe Ruth!), observing the lifecycle of Butterflies and finally Simutown (there will be a separate post around Simutown coming soon!).

Although I can’t say enough good things around Third grade, there is a little bad with all the good. The curriculum was altered due to the pandemic. So there was not a focus on handwriting or Spelling, which will definitely impact the students moving forward. I do hope that then will be able to recover what was lost quickly. The other detriment is that the district decided months ago that they would not be resuming the year round schedule for the 2021-2022 school year, which we were not thrilled about.

Overall, Third grade was a HUGE success, we are grateful to the entire staff of the school and the teachers for the amazing job they did in this amazing year.

Here’s to Fourth grade and the adventures that lie ahead!

Back to the Diamond.


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as the restrictions are slowly lifting and the state is opening up, a big thing for us was the return of baseball. We weren’t sure if we were going to sign up, because at the time of registration, it was still unknown if there was going to be a season. But after getting some additional information we were sure that there would be and signed the little guy up. (in the fall last year they did an “exhibition” season which was nothing but practices. we did NOT opt in for that one)

So we are The Athletics this year. We moved up to the Mustang division so we knew there would be even more talent on the field. And our little guy had not really been getting out to play baseball very often, we knew he was going to be a bit rusty. Well, he seems to have knocked the rust off pretty quickly and we are experiencing something new.


Yup, the kid who said “no thank you” to pitching a year ago now gets upset if he has not been slotted in the lineup to pitch at least once a game. He has had varied levels of success. he has had games where he has had multiple strikeouts and others where there were a lot of hits. He does have the benefit of being a lefty who can throw.

On the Mound!

It’s hard to admit at times, but I feel a HUGE amount of Pride when I see him do well on the mound. I ache when I see him do not so well. I feel a pang of guilt about this because pride is not always a good thing (it’s a sin after all). But i am just over the moon when I see a ball reach the catchers mitt.

His skills at first base continue to improve, when a ball is catchable, he usually brings it in. Part of the problem is a lot of the throws at this level are not really on target.

This season has introduced a whole new wrinkle as well. Stealing home. It is something the Kids have never dealt with before and still at this level, there are a lot of errant throws so stealing home is a common occurrence.

I am very happy to report that he has found his passion for the game again and i love that he wants to pitch and get better at it.

At the Plate.

Its a good place to start.