Wait, did you guys just do this?


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Yes, we are back.

Back to the Diamond! Fall ball has started and the little guy is having a phenomenal start!

We made a tough decision to not play with our friends and see where we ended up with the Draft. We ended up on a great team with a fantastic head coach. This season we are the Diamondbacks. We didn’t know a single other player on our team from previous teams but do recognize a few players from other teams we played in the past. But the little guy has made some new great friends!!!

So far this season he has been Pitching and 1st base, which is exactly what you would expect from a lefty! At the time I am writing this, we are three games into an eight game season and our record is 1-2. If you have been following along, you will know this is the kid that did not want to pitch. Now here we are a year and a half later and he is anxious to get to the mound and meets once a week with a pitching coach!

Another aspect of his game has been his patience at the plate. He has been a consistent hitter and has a pretty good eye for the ball. He has driven in some runs and been brought in himself. I could not be happier with his performance.

So we will have to wait and see how the rest of the season goes, both of our losses were heartbreaking, but I really have to say, both he and I are having fun and at the end of the day, that is what really counts.

I promise to have additional updates later in the season.

Fourth Grade!


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I can’t believe I am actually writing that! I mean I know how that happened (he got older and passed the previous levels) but it doesn’t mean that I honestly can’t believe those characters just got typed!! It really does feel like a new frontier.

Now at the elementary school our little guy attends, grades K-3 are considered ‘lower level’ and 4-6 are ‘upper level’ I think that might have a lot to do with why this year feels so different. This year I believe we will truly get a taste of what kind of student our little guy is as there is going to be letter grades and each point will count.

One thing that his teacher has been saying that the responsibility of homework and accountability of the student getting their work done is going to shift towards the student. This has been a tough adjustment for both NewMom and I as we have to take the little guys word for a lot more. It’s not that we don’t trust him, we do, but at the same time, he is a nine year old boy who would rather be doing anything other than schoolwork. It has already created more than one evening of disagreements between him and either newmom or myself. But it is going to be the new normal.

When the first day of school came, he was so excited and was up extra early to go meet his teacher. It does turn out some of his friends from previous classes are back in his class this year. It was definitely nice to see some familiar faces in the mornings as I drop him off. Yes, we are back to our routine, with a couple of minor modifications (more to come on that in the future).

First Day!!

Well, no matter what comes of the year, we will attack it together.

And kiss for luck to get the year off on the right cheek, er, foot!

Its been a while


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I have not been making the time to write. I think that is contributing to why I have been struggling a bit recently.

But here are a few updates:

ONE: Turns out our little bundle of fur is a boy after all! when we got the call from the vet after his initial check up they said “Biscuit is doing fine, he looks great.” I follow up with “BISCUITS a BOY??!!!??? Since when?”. “Since birth sir.” Well, duh. So we have a little boy rabbit.

TWO: Fourth Grade!!! Yup, we are the parents of a 4th grader. Look for a full post about this monumental milestone sooner than later.

THREE: Baseball is back baby! I will do a full post about this soon as well. Our first game of the fall season is tomorrow.

I will finish up with a final story. It is baseball related. I took the little guy to an optional practice and he went to the mound to throw a couple of pitches to warm up. the first two were fantastic, right to my glove. The next pitch got away from him and was a low screamer. RIGHT INTO MY ANKLE! Holy Mother did it hurt. I looked down at my foot about five minutes later and it had literally swelled over the side of my shoe. I told him “I think you broke my foot!” we packed up and went home where I immediately started icing it. back to school night was the same evening and was virtual on zoom. During the call i had shooting pains and icing really helped with the swelling, but not the pain. I looked up our local urgent care hours and after the call drove myself down to get it looked at. Good news, no breaks. The bruising showed up a couple days later.

The good news is it looked worse than it feels, although even a week later, it is still a bit tender, especially if i have been on it for an extended period of time.

Well, that should do it for now. Sorry to have been so quiet, I appreciate all of the new followers and likes I have been getting the past couple weeks. Look for a few new posts in the week to come!

How do we spell love? B-I-S-C-U-I-T!!!


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“Dad, can we have a Bunny?”

A question I have heard many, many times for the past few years, followed by “If not, can we get a puppy?”. Well, the answer has always been ‘NO’ (ok, maybe not quite so emphatically). But I have had a tough time justifying getting a puppy or a bouncy little bunny for some time, as we do live in a small (and constantly getting smaller) apartment and i felt like the time wasn’t quite right (he was a little young when he started asking). I think I have written about our little mans obsession with bunnies. He has LOVED then his whole life. Easter is by far his favorite holiday, he loves the Easter bunny and pretty much anything to do with bunnies/rabbits. His favorite stuffed animals that he has ever had? Rabbits (that was a little too easy).

Over the past year, I have been warming up more and more to getting a small dog or a rabbit (as long as it stays small). Newmom had been doing research on various breed of dogs and rabbits. Unfortunately our plans to get a pet were kinda derailed by a worldwide pandemic. we were thinking about his birthday last year.

As I have written about in the past, newmom has a superpower of knowing exactly when the little guy is ready for something. She knew when it was time to take him off the pacifier, when to attempt potty training, when the training wheels came off, when to get him a skateboard, so when she says she felt it was time to start looking at a pet, I had the utmost faith and confidence in her feelings on it.

So last week I was looking at the local community bulletin board site Nextdoor when I saw a post saying this person needed to rehome a young rabbit. I looked at the picture of the rabbit and it looked like the breed we were looking for (Holland lop). I sent a message to the woman asking if we could come see the rabbit and forwarded the post to newmom at her work. Newmom had some questions about the bunny and I started an open dialog with the owner with the questions we had for her. After we got our answers, newmom said yes, lets go look at the rabbit and take if if we like it. ‘But lets do it without the little guy. we don’t want to get his hopes up if there is something wrong with the rabbit or we decide to pass’. We made arrangements to go look at the rabbit on my lunchbreak and newmom made arrangements for the little guy to go play with his cousins.

Well, we met the lady and she was super nice. She got the bunny thinking it would be a little less work than it turned out to be, she has a three year old daughter and is pregnant with another baby and with her job, it was just too much to keep the bunny. I think she only had the rabbit for a few days. We got to meet the little bundle of fur for the first time. It was very calm and especially adorable. Newmom and I both agreed to take her. The lady had purchased a lot of the supplies (cage, hay, food, litter, pretty much everything we needed) so we purchased it from her and were now pet owners.

We brought the bunny home and set up the cage, got her water, filled her food bowl. The little guy got picked up from his cousins house and went to another playdate with a school friend that was already set up. Newmom and I had time to plan how to give the little guy the surprise of his life (so far). We rolled the cage into the kitchen and as usual the first thing newmom reminds us to do when we come in from anywhere is “wash your hands”. We covered the cage with a blanket and left it in the kitchen so when he went in there, he would see this large covered box. He would not, could not help but to ask what the large covered item in the kitchen would be, he has to know EVERYTHING right now, constantly quizzing us about everything.

It was an amazing moment I hope never to forget. He walked in and I started recording with my phone. He was told “go wash your hands” and went into the kitchen. As soon as he saw the covered cage he asked “what is that?” and we said “what is what?”. We were absolutely right about his curiosity and he took the cover off and as soon as he realized it was an animal cage his voice started to quiver and he asked “did you get a bunny!?!?”. He was jumping up and down saying “we got a bunny! we got a bunny!”. he sat down in the kitchen and we got the bunny out of its cage and he held it. He did not cry, but he was on the verge of it. His little voice cracking with emotion.

“Hello Biscuit”

One of the first words out of his mouth when he held it was “Hello Biscuit”. That was its name. Boy or girl (we will find out officially on Monday, I’m pretty certain its a girl, but it won’t matter as far as the name goes) Biscuit it will be. It really does fit. Who doesn’t love biscuits? They are often the best part of breakfast. Her coloring helps, she is a Biscuit through and through.

It has been an interesting first week. We are trying our best to get it litter trained (we are trying our third(and hopefully final) box today). I have bought cage pads, Hay, litter and a brush for her. Newmom asked me a couple of days ago if it has really hit me that we are pet owners now. I said it hadn’t (at least at that point it hadn’t) but the first time I was in PetSmart buying things for it, it hit me. For the first time, the little guy is a pet owner. Now he is still a bit apprehensive holding it (I think he is afraid of hurting or damaging it) and he has not really been responsible for cleaning up after it (he does go on poo ball duty, but he is afraid of touching them where I just pick them up, hey if I had to clean up after a baby, this is easy, the poo is small and hard with no real smell (yet)) but he will learn and get better at it, it is ‘his’ rabbit after all.

A boy and his bunny

It has been a joy having her even this short period of time. There are certain things I am getting used to (how can it poop that much!) but it really is calm and has a soothing effect, and it is so darned cute! There are times where I just find myself watching her and giggling every time it makes a new jump or grooms. We hope to get this little furball of love potty trained and more and more accustomed to being with us with each passing day.

When the little guys cousins came over to meet the bunny, they said “we are so excited for you , this is a dream come true”. When I think of it, they are absolutely right. He has wanted this for so very long. Seeing him with her just brings such joy to me as well.

A dream come true

The little guy tells her everyday “I love you Biscuit”. So that is how we spell love here in our home. B I S C U I T.

As always, thanks to newmom for her parental superpower of knowing the right timing for such milestones.

Our little Crooner


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Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE music fan. I listen to music from many different eras and genres. Newmom is also a big music fan and every now and again we even like the same thing (every now and again). So it makes sense that our little guy would get into music as well.

We have seen this more and more as he gets older. He often wants us to hear a new song he has heard from one of his friends (we often need to find a “clean” version as of now, he has been good about discovering when this is necessary). He also sings these songs. That is what this post is all about.

Recently he has been staying home with me during the day (I work from home) and the other day I heard him singing. It was ‘music to me ears’. I honestly have no idea what the songs are or who sings them, but I have been trying to ask more and more, so we know what he is listening to. I can’t say I really love much of it, but some of it is catchy and I can listen to without wanting to stick hot pokers in my ears.

One thing I think we are all guilty of, is once he is fixated on a song, its literally all newmom and I hear. I know many parents who will tell you if they hear the song “old town road” one more time they may need therapy. Newmom and I were definitely in that group. Heard it night and day, over and over (in the song’s defense, it is a really good song). The song ‘Mood” by 24kgoln was another one. Thankfully he has moved onto other songs.

But you know what? If hearing him sing means I have to hear the same song, chorus or verse 10,000 times, I will do it every day and twice on Sunday. It brings me joy. Great Joy. I hope it never stops.

Lost in a supermarket?


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I would like to thank the rock band The Clash for the title of this post.

I wasn’t really sure how to follow up from the last post. That one was tough to write. Like the overall experience, it took a lot out of me. I was in Church last Sunday listening to the sermon on circumstances/coincidences. Like the circumstances/coincidences of being on a certain beach at a certain time when a girl needed help from total strangers. Our pastor spoke about an occasion recently where he took three Adventure bibles and put them in the back of his car. later he went to the supermarket. At the supermarket he ran into a dad who had his three children. By the end of the story, the pastor had given those three bibles to the kids. A series of coincidences that led to circumstances of three children getting these cool adventure bibles.

Now the start of the story was the question: Who love going to the supermarket? I raised my hand. Cause for some unknown reason, I love grocery shopping. I absolutely enjoy going in, getting food for the week. Looking for the best value. I stop and reflect on some of my previous experiences throughout my life that involve grocery stores and these two stories come to mind.

When I was a child growing up in Ohio, there was a summer break where my cousin stayed with us for a week. During that time my mom needed to go to the grocery store. In between our house and the grocery store was an elementary school with an awesome playground. So my mom drove us to the school then went onto the store. Thinking back on it now, we were probably finished much sooner than anyone thought. We were all sitting on the sidewalk waiting for my mom when I saw a car drive by that to this day I would swear was our car. Now this wasn’t like the cars were passing right by us, but it was at least a block or three away. I started to freak out and was sure my mom “forgot us” (looking back on it decades later and knowing now what I do, a parent will never forget their child in these circumstances). After I “convinced” my brother and cousin that we were left behind, we walked onto the neighborhood that was next to the school (I had a friend who lived in that neighborhood) and found someone who let us use their telephone (Cell phones were YEARS away) and called my dad. Lets just say that conversation didn’t go well. We made our way back to the school and waited for my mom to come and pick us up (it really wasn’t that much longer) and we headed home. To get into BIG trouble.

My next story about grocery stores is from when I got my first apartment. I moved out of my parents’ house when I turned 21. I got a two bedroom apartment and the day finally come where I moved my stuff out and started living on my own (I was solo for the first few months, my roommate was still living in New York and had to finish the school year). I remember getting everything set up and realizing “shit, I don’t have any groceries.” So I went grocery shopping. I was astounded by the price of everything!! I went to my parent’s house for dinner that night (real independent, right?) and was telling my dad i was surprised at the price of certain items. He laughed. And laughed, then laughed some more. We all started to laugh along with him. He said “welcome to reality son” (or something long those lines).

I have always loved grocery shopping. I love going in with a list. Scratching off each item as I put it in the basket. Something I do not love? Shopping with newmom and the little guy. I love them both dearly, but do not like shopping with them. With the little guy it is always “can I get this?” or “I’m going to go look at (fill in the blank)”. Now if and when my mom reads this, I am sure she is thinking “Paybacks a bitch” because I have NO DOUBT that I and my brothers did the same exact thing to her and my dad. I don’t really know why I don’t like shopping with newmom, she tells me all the time she hates shopping without me. She appreciates that I can look at items and tell her which is the better value. I’m pretty sure it is because I feel like when I am in there, I am focused and a “get in and get out” kind of shopper and I try to stick to a list and don’t have to tell someone that no, they are not buying that 30 times in less than 20 minutes. There is something, I don’t know what, that is so satisifying about the shopping experience that I just get into.

What about you? Are you someone who loves grocery shopping or is it something that if you ever had to do it again, it would be too soon?

and “Lost in a supermarket” is n my top 5 clash songs of all time…

A (horrific) day at the beach


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The Beach. Almost everyone loves a day at the beach. The Sand, the sun, the bathing suits. Families from near and far will pack up and spend an entire day just soaking up the sun and making an event out of it.

We are fortunate enough to live within driving distance to many of the beaches that line the southern California coast. Newmoms sister and her family live very close to the shore, you can see the ocean from their back balcony.

Last weekend newmom’s cousin and his two sons came to town to visit and get out of the Arizona heat. We all went down to their house to hang out on Friday night. During that night, we were told that they were going to set up at baby beach in Dana point, get out the paddleboards and make a long day out of it. Just show up when we are ready.

Saturday rolls around and newmom is feeling a little tired. The little guy asks when we are going to go to the beach with his cousins so I say to her “I’ll take him down, you relax”. We go ahead and pack up and head down to the beach. I drop the little guy off and he goes to find where our base camp is as I look for a parking spot. After I park, I find the base camp and the boys are all out on the paddleboards so it is just the little guy and I. Now the way baby beach is set up, it is near the harbor, so there is no real waves to speak of and there is an area for families to just enjoy the calm water and relax/beat the heat. The little guy asked if we could go over to the other side of the breakers where there are tide pools and rocks to climb on. I say yes, that would be ok and we start making our way over there. On the way we run into my nephew and Newmom’s Cousin. He said the boys were making their way to the shore and he was going to go check on them then come join us over by the tide pools. My Nephew decided to come with us. When we got over to the other section of Beach, I saw something I had never seen in all the times we had gone to this area of the beach. The waves were SUPER HIGH and very powerful. They were battering the steps, so there was no easy way to get to the beach, but the boys saw that if they went to the area behind steps where they could get the dry shore. So I told them they could go over there and I would join them. I waited between crashing waves and hopped over to the shore.

The boys were a little ahead of me and staying towards the rocks, far from the water. I was closer to the surf which was crashing in hard. That’s when I saw something that is going to be with me the rest of my life. I saw two people in the water. one of them didn’t look right. A huge wave crashed over them and the way it knocked them around I thought it looked bad. As the water cleared, the second person, the one who was upright screamed “Help me, Help my grandpa!” I immediately ran to the water with another guy who was not far from me and pulled him out of the water. He wasn’t moving and was not responsive. The girl, the other guy and I dragged him onto the shore and we got washed over by a wave, so we dragged him further up the shore, where we were hit yet again by another wave (told you it was strong). We lifted the body and dragged it even further where we started chest compressions and clearing his throat. As I held this guys head and looked at his face, I realized he looked a lot like me. Bald, goatee, a similar build but no life behind the eyes, it was very very unsettling. I turned his head and water and other stuff exited his mouth. I opened his mouth further and attempted to clear his airway. The other guy and I switched off on compressions and then two other gentlemen showed up and took over. Lifeguards and people from the oceanic institute that is right next to the area of beach where we were showed up with medical gear and took over. Shortly after that the paramedics and sheriffs were on site.

I took the granddaughter off to the side and sat her down. She was crying and I asked her to take deep breaths and look at me, not what they were doing to try to save her beloved grandfathers life. I took her hands and asked her to pray. We sat there on the beach and prayed for her grandfather, for the people who were working on him. AT that time her little brother came over, crying very hard. I sat him down and asked him to pray as well. The young girls mother came over and we all prayed. The little boy was sent back to his father who was waiting over by those stairs I mentioned earlier.

It was rough. We are praying for the team working on this guy who in my head I felt wasn’t going to make it. It was his time to go home to the lord. But I continued to pray.

The paramedics get the guy on a board, have him hooked up on a couple of devices and take him off the beach to the hospital. I asked the family to please call me to give me an update and they took my number. After I got up off the beach, I sat on a nearby bench and cried, HARD. After I was able to get myself together and give the police a statement, I started slowly walking back to our basecamp.

That’s when I saw my little guy. HE WAITED ALL THAT TIME FOR ME. He ran to me and just gave me what might be one the best hugs I have ever gotten in my entire life, if not one of the best, the most needed. So when the first guy and I ran to help get the body out of the water, someone yelled “clear out” and my nephew and the little guy followed those directions and made their way back to our basecamp. When he got there, he found my cell phone and called newmom and told her “Mom, you need to pray for this guy, I don’t know who he is but dad pulled him out of the water and working on him”. He then hung up and called my mother in law and said the same thing. I didn’t know this until later but it was amazing. After he made those calls, he went back as far as he felt comfortable and waited. we walked a little further and I sat him down on a set of steps by the institute and told him “I don’t think he is going to make it, so lets say a quick prayer for the family” and we did. As we started to make our way back to basecamp, he looked at me and said “Dad, God is holding our hands right now. He’s here with us.” I think that made me cry a little more. We got back to basecamp and I spent the rest of the afternoon just decompressing.

Later we packed up and went back to newmom’s sisters place and we spent time together with all of her brothers and sister and their families, along with the cousin and his two boys. I was pretty shaken. One thing newmom’s cousin said to me that really hit me was ‘God put a really good man there to help, and that man was you bro’ as he gave me a huge hug.

I did get a call from the family that confirmed that their grandfather/father did indeed not survive. My heart goes to the family and especially to that poor girl who had to drag her grandfather’s body God knows how far (she had cuts and bruises on her arms and legs). I pray that she finds peace and gets any help that she needs for this horrific experience. I can only hope that I was able to help (her mother thanked me for everything that I did, especially the prayers).

I couldn’t sleep for days. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see were his eyes. It has gotten a little easier with each passing day. I cried multiple times a day for the first half of the week and I experienced severe anxiety. I understand now when people say that they experience severe anxiety. I have sought guidance and assistance for the feelings of anxiety and dis-ingenuiness (is that the right word? a real word?) I had while I was praying. I have spoken to the little guy to see how he was feeling about everything and he seems to be holding up alright, but when we spoke to him even yesterday, he did get sad and had tears in his eyes. Newmom and I are going to continue to watch over him and make sure he is ok.

Please, if you are not CPR certified, find a way to get that certification and know how to do it properly. When you and your family have a day at the beach, please be extra careful and of course, apply plenty of sunscreen.

A quick little thank you


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This blog hit another milestone last week. I got my 200th follower. I was pretty excited to see that number it means that someone other than newmom is reading what I have to write and share.

I have to remember this is my own little corner of the blogosphere and to not compare my ramblings with others. Two other blogs I read regularly recently wrote about milestones, the first saying they just hit a millions views of their blog, CONGRATS on that, that is quite the feat. I get excited every time I hit a new 1,000 hits (and by the way, I have a LOOOOONG way to go before I hit a million). Another blog I read talked about how she recently got 6 million views (on Pinterest) which is another amazing achievement.

So putting my ego aside, I want to Thank each and every one of you who have followed me recently and continue to follow our exploits, insights and ramblings here in my corner of the blogging world.

Here’s to the next 100 followers and next 1000 views!

You know you’re old (a Buck Rogers adventure)


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So I was writing my last post Sharped dressed man!! when newmom was talking to me. We were talking about our plans for the rest of the day when she says “Oh Boy, it’s Saturday night, Buck Rogers again! Woo Hoo!”.

Allow me to explain why this is so funny…

I am of the age where science fiction exploded with Star Wars. I have seen all three of the original trilogy in the theatre as they were released. To jump on the enormous wave of popularity that came with the franchise, the television networks were scrambling to whet the appetites of Sci Fi fans. Battlestar Galactica was a big hit in the late late 70’s (later refreshed by the Sci-fy network (and REALLY GOOD). But then there was THE show my friends and I watched every week. BUCK ROGERS in the 25th century. Now this show was on for a very brief period (I think it was only two seasons) but it had something for everyone. A handsome leading man for the ladies, an attractive female supporting character for the men, Twiki for the kids. I have fond memories of watching the show every week.

Fast forward to now. Our cable network has a channel called ME TV that shows old programs (Adam 12, green acres, the original star trek) and every Saturday night?


See the source image

YES! I get to relive a little slice of my childhood every time it is on. Now, I am looking at it through the eyes of someone who is much older (and some would say wiser) and has seen effects and storytelling come a long way since that time. Yes, the costumes are sometimes really bad, the effects have not aged well and the stories are not really as high quality as I remembered them to be. but you know what?


I don’t care. The nostalgia it brings me when I watch fills me with a warmth I just can’t explain. Seeing Gil Girard and Erin Gray transports me back to the wood paneled family room, laying on the floor in front of the television watching and thinking how cool Buck was and how much I loved Twiki’s Bee-bee-bee-bee-da every time he said something. Another thing that I always get a kick out of were the special guest appearances or actors who had supporting roles that later because stars (just watch Fantasy Island or the Love Boat, you’ll see MANY faces that we knew later). Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer(of 24) himself!) had a short stint on the show, and I get a kick out it ever time I see him there.

So yeah, “you know you’re old when your husband watches Buck Rogers Every week”. But the memories and nostalgia can’t be beat.

Sharped dressed man!!


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What is it the old ZZ top song says?

“Cause every woman’s crazy for a sharped dressed man!!”

Now this is the boy who won’t wear pants (see Just wear the┬ápants!!!). But when we had to return to Arizona for a funeral (newmoms’ grandmother passed away at the end of May) we had to find some dress up clothes for our little man for the service. Nothing we had fit him anymore (he just won’t stop growing, even though we have asked him not to!).

So we went to find a button up shirt and a pair of slacks. We found some at target and on the same rack were jackets. He was immediately drawn to them. They were heavily discounted as well (plus for me!). The issue? Size availability. He fit in one size but it was a little snug in the shoulders and of course this Store did not have the next size up. Even heavily discounted, the way the jacket fit (or didn’t fit) justified us to make the purchase.

Fast forward to actually being on a place that feels like it is about 2 miles from the actual surface of the sun (it was hot). Newmom needed to run over to the local Target to pick up a couple of things that we may have forgotten and she saw the same jacket. Not only did they have the size the little guy needed, they had the next size up. So she bought them both (not a big deal at that price!). Needless to say, the little guy was OVER THE MOON!!

He gat a load of compliments on the entire outfit, told multiple times how handsome he looked. Although I am very, very biased, they were right, he looked remarkably handsome in it!!!

Looking Sharp!

He is slowly starting to break out of the gym shorts and a dry-wick tee shirt as his standard outfit, hopefully this will encourage him even more to wear more than gym clothes. I don’t know how many more times he will wear the jacket(s) but when he does, he will be our ‘sharp dressed man!’.